( Linkerinc ) is the professional company dedicated to the betterment of health and beauty. We provide skincare products, which are premium quality made in Taiwan. Commitment always be the top priority to all our customers.
      Firdo, brand from the best manufacturer with our own research lab and quality control for product development. We have over 20 years of experience in ODM/OEM cosmetic products which cooperated with some famous European and US brand. Our products are made in dust-free and highly automated environment.The ingredients we used are all from the top suppliers in the industry (e.g., MERCK, sederma, Nikko Chemicals, etc.). We aim to provide the same premium grade products as those leading industrial brands, with a more competitive price.
      ASEAN is the fastest-gorwing market all over the world. Now our business is focusing on cooperating with local company to promote all skincare products. We believed compare to those products design to be used in temperate weather, our product design to be used for Southeast Asia’s weather are more suitable and effective for your customers. If you are interested in our products, please DO NOT hesitate to contact us!

  • ISO 9001, 22716 standards
  • Natural, environmentally friendly and safe raw material
  • Dust-free chamber and Highly-automated equipments
  • Respond to the love of the Creator

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